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15th-Jan-2013 08:31 pm(no subject)
Waiting, waiting, waiting... For the happiness that is my "experience"/"夢1号" package aaaand... Well, for certain things to be okay. I've been feeling sort of gloom and doom everyday. Basically because of the monotony of things and, of course, because of the ever-increasing difficulty of my subjects. 

Hope 2013 won't be like this for the rest of its days. *crosses fingers*
bliss <3
19th-Sep-2012 10:50 am(no subject)
Got a notification that purging of empty/inactive accounts will be in 15 days. Welps. 

So here. But I promise to make a proper post soon (?). All the pent up frustrations I have  need to be expressed somehow.

bliss <3
25th-Oct-2011 08:27 pm - Pimping andymori
I've been recently gotten hooked to

I've been meaning to post something about these guys, but since I'm such a procrastinator, it always gets put off...Collapse )
ipod love
22nd-Jul-2011 09:39 pm(no subject)
I can't wait to hear flumpool new song that'll be the Rugby World Cup's (Japanese coverage) theme song. Luckily, I found this random video when I was looking for NICO stuffs

It plays in the background and it reminds me of "Siren" or "Quville". I like it because it more rock than pop. Can't wait for September!

P.S. They're so cute with the "おはよう!" part ♥
Though Genki's being cool/rigid/mysterious like usual... :/
ipod love
6th-Jul-2011 11:10 pm - A little music post...
Am I making up for my lack of posts from the past months or what? :D

I'm pathetic, I know...Collapse )

Oh boy, I need to get my assignments done. XD
bliss <3
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