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Pimping andymori 
25th-Oct-2011 08:27 pm
I've been recently gotten hooked to

Andymori are (from left to right) Fujiwara Hiroshi (bass), Oyamada Souhei (vocals & guitar) and Okayama Kenji (drums). They're a crazy band and that's what I love about them. Their music is so unrestrained and carefree, something that you'd want to listen to when you either want to get loose or just chill a bit. 

Found out about them through tumblr (now, I don't just lurk, but I also own one! lol), and the rest is history. But actually, I only really started paying attention when I was on youtube and their PV for "1984" randomly played. It's a really good song, makes me really nostalgic (even though I've got nothing to do with the 80's since I'm a 90's kid).

My other recommended PVs from them are すごい速さ, CITY LIGHTS, and Sunrise&Sunset. The others, you can find in their youtube account. And in case you're wondering why the drummer for the first 3 PVs are different from that guy from the picture, then that's because Kenji's already their 2nd drummer, Goto Hiroki being the 1st and who just left the band last year.

Another thing that I like about them is that their music is full of the 'hippy vibe'. You listen to them for a few times and it's like you don't even want to take them seriously! Like in their song "モンゴロイドブルース" (Mongoloid Blues), which just makes me laugh so hard. Still, they're sound is refreshing and you don't get to have so much expectations from them, which is something that I can't really do with my favorite bands since I've been spoiled by really amazing songs one after the other.

*end of pimp post (erm, sort of)*


Sembreak's nearly ending, but I'm hoping to squeeze in some more fun memories. Some of my closest friends and I are planning to go for an outing to the beach at the end of the month! XD Woohoo!


Ok, that was random.
ipod love
25th-Oct-2011 05:58 pm (UTC)
I have their stuff but haven't given them a good listen. Thanks for the recommendations.

26th-Oct-2011 04:55 am (UTC)
I only like a handful of their songs actually. They're a good pick when you want to lighten up the mood. You're welcome! :D
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