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10th-Jun-2011 08:50 pm - Finally, I give in to them
 I think I'm getting addicted to ONE OK ROCK now. And it's this video's fault.

I've actually listened to them a few times way before getting into flumpool, but then NICO got the best of me and I hadn't followed up on them. But recently, as I browsed different tumbleblogs (please, PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong about this term because I just lurk over there and don't actually own an account), they keep coming up and I became interested again. They're amazing, anyone can tell even at first time listening to any of their songs, but I haven't really grasped how amazing they actually are until recently. 

And because of this...

( from 13th-reboot.tumblr.com)

...I have taken quite a liking to Toru, plus that rap part in 'Keep It Real' got me hooked as well. Actually, I've always thought he was the hottest, even when Alex was still in the band. Lol. He just looks so badass and cool gripping that guitar. ♥

Ok. Done fangirling for now. Gotta do my laundry and stuff. :D
Goodness, it's been so long since I clicked that 'post' button.

My life's been uneventful these past few weeks (well, when had it not been anyways?), so I can't find anything to write about... Tsk. This is the problem with me keeping a blog. I'm always so lazy to update.. *headdesk*

So yeah, it's June and the rainy season's starting. Darn, the rain. I have mixed feelings about it (don't we all?). Though most of the time, it annoys me since it dampens my spirits &, well, almost everything else. But of course, it's quite refreshing and there are times that it makes as a perfect excuse to stay home and enjoy hot cocoa while looking at the raindrops trickling down the windowpane. Still, it's a big problem, especially now that classes are starting. Since it's really cold in the morning, it gets even harder to get up from bed because it's feels sooo tempting to just sleep and keep yourself warm and cozy! My TTh classes start at 7 (and it's a major subject, too!), w/c means I have to get up at 6 or earlier, because I take forever to get ready. So yeah, I have to endure that for now.

It's really sad to think that summer's ended. What makes it so darn sadder is that I really didn't get to enjoy it much! I haven't even been to the beach or some other place that can be considered as a summer getaway... But I'm glad to be able to hang out with one of my closest friends who I haven't seen for a while. We had a little movie marathon (Hana and Alice, Summer Time Machine Blues, Easy A, a little bit of that Arashi movie Kiiroi Namida), chatted and basically geeked out. :DD It was the most fun I had in while. And now, I'm missing her terribly. :(

Sigh. And that's a little bit of how my summer went. Mostly boredom and a little bit of jealousy at the side. Jealousy because, well, as much as I loved reading your concert reports and experiences in Japan (nakulayanlastmockingbirdsnylouchihirokilove), I kinda died in envy... Haha. But keep 'em coming girls!  At least I know how things went over there. :) I'm totally broke and going to Japan to see those amazing bands are quite impossible for me as of now (and maybe for the next 3 years). How pitiful. T.T

Well, that was just an awful post, wasn't it? I just went ahead and lamented about my life again. Oh well. 
bliss <3
4th-Apr-2011 05:40 pm - Anticipation
My 'summer vacation' days are numbered. Yet summer's barely starting! I only have a week before summer classes begin, so I will definitely make the most out of it. And with that, I'm getting together w/ my high school friends to plan activities (e.i. movie marathons, "resto-hopping", sleep-overs) for the rest of the week. Man, I'm worked up!

And yessss.... After the sleepless nights, drinking coffee to the point that I became somewhat diuretic, and the constant strain from being so nervous.... My exam results are finally out aaaaaannd...


But aside from the havoc that the QE's been wreaking in my system, my heart also goes all doki doki because it's gonna be the day after tomorrow that NICO's album and flumpool's Live DVD will be released! Can't wait!   
bliss <3
30th-Mar-2011 02:42 pm - Hey :)
So yeah, I'm still actually alive. Physically that is. I'm about brain-drained from the qualifying exam that I took a while ago, but yes, I'M STILL OK.

Or that's what I'd like to tell myself right now.


I just can't get the anxiety from my system even if it's already over. Well, I guess the results are actually more terrifying than the actual QE, because for me it'll be a matter of life and death. My future's at risk, but most importantly, so are my father's expectations. I mean, it's sorta ok to me if I fail, since I have a lot of alternatives in my head, but for my father, it's to pass or nothing. Just thinking about it makes me feel like I'm about to be sentenced to death. XP

Oh, but enough of the depressing stuff. I've already lost a huge amount of sleep over it and I don't wanna make an even bigger deal about it.


Anyway, we went to Manila last week to attend my aunt's church wedding. Emphasis on the 'church', since she's already been married to her husband for 20 years, but that was a civil one. And with that, I had a chance to see my cousins after years of not doing so. In short, it was (as my cousin put it) a "reunion of sorts". FUN, FUN, FUN! That's what I can say about it. :D

And of course, since it's not every time that we could make a trip there, we also had a li'l tour around the metropolis. Sight-seeing and all. Also, roadtrips. Which, sometimes, I can actually enjoy than getting to our destination itself. Heck, I guess we spent almost 70% of the time in the car, just going around places.

But what made those raodtrips much more enjoyable is the music accompanying them. I had the songs form lego big morl's "Mother ship" playing and everything seemed perfect! :DD  I'd listen to them every single time we were in the car, yet until now, I can't seem to get tired of listening to those songs.

Like this one

~~so good ne? I could go on squealing about the album right now! But that would be kinda retarded.

So thar you go. The topsy-turvey week of mine.   
23rd-Feb-2011 10:41 pm - Last weekend
Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I only truly realized that just recently when I went home for the weekend.

Because "ohana" means family :]Collapse )


And ooohh yeaaaah.... I also [finally] watched flumpool's Budokan debut! *spazz mode*

I know most of you already know what happened there, but let me just flail a bit ^_^Collapse )
bliss <3
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